haldaemon- What is this?

If you see this is a monitor that checks on hardware on your server. This is how it is described:
hald is a daemon that maintains a database of the devices connected to the system system in real-time. The daemon connects to the D-Bus system message bus to provide an API that applications can use to discover, monitor and invoke operations on devices. For more information about both the big picture and specific API details, refer to the HAL spec which can be found in /usr/share/doc/hal-0.5.14/spec/hal-spec.html depending on the distribution.

Core.000 xxx number files in my drupal home/root folder

If you see core.000 number files in your root home folder you're not hacked or anything . They are just core dump files; they are files created when a program has terminated abnormally or crashed. Therefore you have program crashing in your drupal installation. You can eliminate this in the future by issuing a Linux command like this $ ulimit -c 0

how to compress linux whole directory

Type the following in your shell command

tar -zcvf callit_what_you_want.tar.gz /directory_u_want_archive
the letter mean the following

-z: Compress archive using gzip program
-c: Create archive
-v: Verbose i.e display progress while creating archive
-f: Archive File name

To uncompress later
typ the following command

$ tar -zxvf directory_u_archived.tar.gz

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