Your command line PHP installation is too old. Drush requires at [error] least PHP 5.3.0. To suppress this check, set the environment variable DRUSH_NO_MIN_PHP=1(solved)

If you see the above error, you're probably running a php version not compatible with drush.
To remedy this, use the following command. This is on centos, on ubuntu or other linux flavors the path may be different.

First find the folder where the drush include file is located. You use the linux command
$find / -name "folder_you're_looking for"
Output should be something similar to this

find / -name "drush"

Mine was

Drupal boost cache clear (solved)

In drupal 7, the boost module no longer has the "clear all cache" button.
Follow this instruction to clear it.
1 set minimum cache life time to 0.
2 take off the tick where it says" Ignore a cache flush command if cron issued the request".
3 Run drush cc all or flash all cache at the gui
4 run $ drush cron run or run cron at the gui
5. Repeat the process till boost cache is cleared.
Restart Apache if necessary
$ service httpd restart

Warning: file_put_contents(temporary://fileAawlcV) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: "DrupalTemporaryStreamWrapper::stream_open" call failed (solved)

Don't panic don't panic

Just go the admin/config and media and change your file system. It is usually /sites/default/files and /tmp and also your private files if you have one.
You probably move your site from your local environment to production environment.

cpanel DISKWARN: problem, where is my disk gone?

If you want to find out where your disk has gone run the following command on your shell

du -h /usr/ | grep ^[0-9.]*G | sort -nr
This will find all the directories with GB s
now repeat for other directories until you find the problem

du -h /var/ | grep ^[0-9.]*G | sort -nr /var is usually the biggest pain. Also run it for /home
du -h /home/ | grep ^[0-9.]*G | sort -nr .

PHP defunct processes high load

This is usually caused by apache configuration problems. If you see this you are probably running apache as suphp. It is a fact that the root cause of this process is due to one of the bugs from apache on suphp module, normally what you should do is compile the apache and change the php mode from suphp to dso or something else, everything should be working fine again after disabled suphp from the server.

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