haldaemon- What is this?

If you see this is a monitor that checks on hardware on your server. This is how it is described:
hald is a daemon that maintains a database of the devices connected to the system system in real-time. The daemon connects to the D-Bus system message bus to provide an API that applications can use to discover, monitor and invoke operations on devices. For more information about both the big picture and specific API details, refer to the HAL spec which can be found in /usr/share/doc/hal-0.5.14/spec/hal-spec.html depending on the distribution.

Youtube API gdata to fetch videos

To fetch youtube gdata you need to use the following path
This code is v2 is deprecated by google
With will get up to 25 videos with keyword durpal orderby published date.

How to migrate your drupal site with drush

I have recently tried to move a large database to another host and I have encountered problems regarding this.

I have decided to document this so that other Drupal users may benefit from it.

There are many ways to restoring a database to different host but this has worked for me.

First, you need to have a working drush system in your both drupal installations.

Start with clearing all of your database cache

$cd /home/home/public_html or wherever is your root Drupal installation
$drush cc all

Your command line PHP installation is too old. Drush requires at [error] least PHP 5.3.0. To suppress this check, set the environment variable DRUSH_NO_MIN_PHP=1(solved)

If you see the above error, you're probably running a php version not compatible with drush.
To remedy this, use the following command. This is on centos, on ubuntu or other linux flavors the path may be different.

First find the folder where the drush include file is located. You use the linux command
$find / -name "folder_you're_looking for"
Output should be something similar to this

find / -name "drush"

Mine was

Enable root user to login to shell after disallowing Root with shell

run this command on your browser login as root and that is!
This restarts to shell to allow to login again as root.

yourdomain.com/cpsess6053459985/scripts2/doautofixer?autofix=safesshrestart. You should see this output.
AutoFixer Execution

Requesting script ...


Executing script ...

Attempting to locate sshd binaries installed on the system ...

Located /usr/sbin/sshd


Killing exisiting sshd processes...

Core.000 xxx number files in my drupal home/root folder

If you see core.000 number files in your root home folder you're not hacked or anything . They are just core dump files; they are files created when a program has terminated abnormally or crashed. Therefore you have program crashing in your drupal installation. You can eliminate this in the future by issuing a Linux command like this $ ulimit -c 0

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